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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Grade 8 Students Register for High School

This past month the grade 8 students and parents had an opportunity to hear about the various high school programs at a meeting held at Central Collegiate March 3rd. They received information about the academic program opportunities, athletic programs, and school events. Over the next few days the students are asked to register at the high school of their choice and later this month they will be revisiting their prospective schools. It is an exciting time for them all.


At 4:28 PM, Anonymous Former Student 1957 said...

I do hope your students take their chose of High school very serious. I was very sick when I was in grade six, with double pneumonia and consequently did not do well in grades seven and eight. I went to Tech High [now?], but did not do well, because of two bullies,I had fist fights with both DB and TA. they were the ones who actually robed a bank and later hurt two very young ladies.The trama of those years scared me for life. Athough I compleated my mechanics and was very sucessful. I Ultimetly became a High School teacher and have now retired after teaching for the last twenty years. By the way, I was tested at/or in the top 10% of pop, while attending UofA.,what might I have accomplished if I had gone to Central High. Merlyn M Hutchinson


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