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Monday, April 25, 2005

Citizenship Program

CanadaLast Friday the southern Provincial Citizenship Ceremony took place at William Grayson School. The Grade 8 class took on the project as part of their Social Studies Citizenship Curriculum. Thirty-five new Canadian Citizens were sworn in by Judge Miki. In attendance were political dignitaries, special guests , family and friends of the new Canadian Citizens.
Following the ceremony guests remained to share stories, memories, coffee and cake. Thank you to The Grade 8 class for their hard work and participation in this memorable program.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Grade 8 Students Register for High School

This past month the grade 8 students and parents had an opportunity to hear about the various high school programs at a meeting held at Central Collegiate March 3rd. They received information about the academic program opportunities, athletic programs, and school events. Over the next few days the students are asked to register at the high school of their choice and later this month they will be revisiting their prospective schools. It is an exciting time for them all.

Winter Carnival

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The week prior to the school break in February all students were involved in a Winter Carnival. The students and teachers all had a terrific time outdoors and being active and IN MOTION. Activities such as tug-a-war, sledding, sharing chants, and relay races. Thank you Mrs Bell for all the preparation.

Principal Streaks Her Hair for Cancer

The grade 8 class has raised over $300.00 for Cancer. The principal and grade 8 teacher Ms. Hodgson and Paula Green who is assisting with the Best Program agreed that they would streak their hair if the students achieved their goal. They did and the results were as you see in the photo .

Kindergarten Registration/ Pre-Kindergarten Registration

Registration for Kindergarten students begins March I. If your child is 5 years old as of Dec 31 2005 we invite you to come in and register for the fall school year. Application forms are in the office for you to register your child and meet the teacher.
If your child is 3 years or 4 years old you may also register them for the Pre-Kindergarten program. If you have a child who is old enough to begin kindergarten but you feel may not be ready for Kindergarten you may register them for the pre-school program.
Our kindergarten and pre-kindergarten is a very rich experience for your child. See our kindergarten link for more information. Ms. Gray Wilson's Special K's